Unable to locate layer break &

Experiencing this with CloneDVD 2 and AnyDVD using RICOH MP5125.

unable to locate layer break

target size sufficient,

transcoder disabled

Any insights appreciated.

I’m also getting they same massage with clonedvd2 verison
Unable to locate layer break /target size sufficient/ transcoder disabled.
Can anyone tell me what a Layer break is ? The dvds play fine and it dose not do that with all of them?

“unable to locate layer break”
Because you have a single layer disc there is no layer break.

"target size sufficient,

transcoder disabled"
Your blank disc is big enough to fit the movie on without compressing it.

As Nshift has already mentioned, it means that the disc you are trying to copy is a single layed DVD-5. It has no layer break as it is one layer and the actual size of the data is sufficient to fit on a blank disc without the need of any compression.

Much appreciated for replies :wink:

I was backing up my copy of Walking Tall and I also received the unable to locate layer break message in the log. But since it said that why did my movie still have to be compressed seing that it only has one layer?