Unable to Lead Bitmap?

Hey pals…
This is the second time this happens to me after restarting the PC. Once windows loads fully, ALL the icons on the desktop, the start menu, the quick menu and even the programs everywhere have the message “unable to load bitmap”. The message appears all over the PC and the task bars do not show icons, but just a line.
I have one of the theme of windowsblinds loaded, but this had never happened before and I have had windowsblinds for quite a long time now.
The only way I can take it out is by restoring the system to a previews point, but it’s not funnt to be doing that EVERYTIME I turn the PC on or I restart.
Does anybody have any comment on this problem?

thanxs a lot, pals!!!

Search Google for the scannow command to check integrity of system files. If worst happens, try a Windows Repair Install; this way, you save all apps & settings.

You should try Registry Mechinic. My pc was having some problems with Windows Visual C++ Interface. So I downloaded Registry Mechinic and now it is back to normal. If you completely can not acess you desktop, then you can get Knoppix. It has a windows rescue thing. It is a Linux Live CD so all you do is burn it on a cd-r then put it in your drive as soon as you start your pc. If that doesn’t work, put in your windows cd. Then go to setup then Delete everything on your Harddrive. Then re-install windows.