Unable to install net controller driver



On my laptop (hp compaq nx9010), I am not able to get access the internet. I have win xp pro sp1. In network connections, it shows that I am connected but when I try to open Internet Explorer, the page say “this page cannot be displayed”. In device manager, there is a yellow ? next to network controller and it says that the driver are not installed. I have downloaded the driver and installed it, but it is still saying that it is not. I guess it is a National Semiconductor Corp. network adapter (??). In device manager, it also says my network adapter is installed and working properly. Is the network controller something different than the adapter? Do you have any suggestions on where I might find the network controller driver? I have contacted hp and they were no help. They suggested that I order the CD’s that would have the original installation files on them. What else can I try? Thank you for any advice you have. :slight_smile:


Did a lot of searching around and well the only thing I can come up with is to try these drivers


supposedly there were some drivers that were bad and these are supposed to work.
Hope everything
goes well for you!


i had the same problem with my desktop pc. i finally spent $15 and got a pci card. laptop will probably be alot more. good luck


I am having the exact same problem with my alienware Sentia computer.
any help would be great.