Unable to install / copy CDs + DVDs, Two Seperate Drives


Untill recently, a couple of weeks ago, After I wiped my computer and reinstalled XP, I am unable to install or Copy / Drag to Desktop anything from my CD and DVD drive (DvD Plextor PX-708A, CD uhhh “LG 52x Max”, came with the computer over 4 years ago…)

I was able to install all my drives, Monitor, graphics card, photoshop, Word, etc etc
But all of a sudden, If i try to install anything form any of the two drives, the program crashes giving me an error “unable to find File *Whatever file it was copying / installing” Error E/0.

The Disc Keeps spinning and I need to either use a pin to retrieve the CD/DVD - I can’t open Either drive, even if the other one was not even working (after closing the drive after, it keeps spinning) or Restart my computer.

If I have various Data Cds, (Pictures, Videos, Music, etc) And read them without copying anything, all is well.

I have tried upgrading Firmware / drivers, Going into Bios and switching the boot priorty (shot in the dark, I know) And Switching the cables inside, but nope, nothing.

I have no idea what to do, hopefully somebody on here does.

Thanks for your help.

That’s odd.

Maybe the drives somehow didn’t install properly when you reinstalled XP.

Another total shot in the dark here. If you haven’t already, go to device manager and uninstall the IDE channel that the drives are on. Then reboot and let windows detect them.

Hmmm intresting turn of events.
Well, not for this topic in particular;

Uninstalled both drives, and nope, still the same problem.
Then my Computer died.
explorer.exe Stopped running, and will not boot up.
At all.

So I popped the Windows XP installer CD in a Drive, I just forgot which button I have to press to load threw the CD and not threw the defunked XP currently installed - I’ll run the repair program on the CD.

ADDED - Oh yeah, BIOS.


My computer is now officially dead.
No More Photoshop,
No more Led Zep,
No more Porn.

Life Sucks.

Then just buy a new one.