Unable to install Age Of Empire3!


i just got age of empire and i pop the cds in my computer and let it ran. Upt to the end something poped up and it un-install everything, in another word, i was un able to install it. I took a few screen shots and i was wondering if anyone could help me resolve this problem.

It seems y have a Windows 2k or even older OS version. In this case, bad luck, AoE3 installation only works under XP. Unfortunatelly, u will need to download “modified” installation msi to allow such installation.

Even being illegal, u have bought a great game and need it to work, so i think it is a pity u should use this method to get ur game installed.

I am using a windows xp home edition for it so i dont tink its what u might say it to be.

I called microsoft and found out the it was my firewall or my antivirus that was blocking it from installing.