Unable to format DVD+R




I am new to the forum but would like to know if there is any way to reduce or get around error when I try to format new DVD+R disc. I know DVDs are supposed to have some failures in reading but in this new spindle it seems to have a high percentage rate of unable to format. I have a Sony RDR-VX515 video cassette recorder/dvd recorder. I bought Sony DVD+R by AccuCore to make sure they are compatible with speed and type. Help !


Hi. I dont have much experience with recorders, but can tell for sure that u cant format or erase a + or -R disc once it is written, only a + or - RW.


Formatting an DVD±R is useless, even if it is blank or empty.

It will be formatted during writing/burning data onto it.


I have a Sony home DVD recorder and it formats the discs the first time I insert them (this is probably a kind of initiation or fast formatting, not a complete process).
It also has menu options to format discs, but that’s as chef told you it only works for RWs, as you can format a DVD+R only once. So, as a principle when you call this menu the discs will be already formatted and the device will do nothing.
However, if you read the user manual you will see that your recorder will probably be quite demanding about the discs you “give” to it.
If your discs are fast DVDs (kind of 16x speed) you may find problems, as this type of video recorders is happy with 2x - 8x discs and the firmware may not recognize the faster (newer) ones.


Thanks for all the replies.


Yes, for standalone devices/recorders this is normal. :bigsmile: