Unable to Format DVD-R/W in Panasonic DMR-EH55

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DVD-Recorder DMR-EH55 S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am not sure if my problem is considered hardware or software related but since it concerns hardware, this looked like a good place to start even though I am looking for a software solution.

I have a Panasonic DMR- EH55 that is giving me trouble formatting a DVD-R/W disk.

The message I receive is as follows.

“This disk is not formatted properly. Do you want to format the disk in DVD Management?” When I accept and ask the DVD Management software to format the disk, it starts to format the disk but ends up with a “Format Failed” message.


I have tried the following to correct this.

  1. Full erase on a PC using several different programs.

  2. Using the PC, I created an .iso image from a good DVD-R disk that was made on the Panasonic and then transferred that image to the DVD-R/W. When I put the DVD-R/W in the Panasonic, it plays the disk fine, but when I ask the Panasonic to erase it using DVD Management, I still receive a “Format Failed” message.

The bottom line is that the DVD-R/W works fine for all operations on the PC and it can be read on the Panasonic, but I can no longer write to it on the Panasonic because of what appears to be an incompatible format.

I have read several posts here and elsewhere and the general conclusion is that those are the breaks. Use it on your PC and forget about the Panasonic for that disk.

I would think however that the problem is not with the disk per se but with the information that is on it, i.e. how it is formatted. Does anyone have an idea what sort of format the Panasonic is looking for and if there is any PC software to configure the disk in that format?

Does anyone have an explanation why this occurs? If it is because of information written on the disk, what exactly is that information and how to you delete it if a full erase does not?

If I could format it on the PC and than move it to the Panasonic for writing without it asking to format the disk first, that would be acceptable. If this were going to be a one time occurrence I might just toss the disk as some suggest, but based on what I have read it will not be. I thought I would at least not give up without a fight.