Unable to flash my Liteon 40125W

I read a few places that its good to flash to s0a or s0g, I am currently at s03. When I go to flash it says my drive isnt supported. Its a brand new 40125W.
The Mt. Rainier is s0g right? How come I cant flash? Kinda wanted that ability.

Hmm ok I can flash with R40ZS0A in windows, but it says its for the 40125S not 40125W, as far as the s0g goes I dunno.
Um, do I simply have the lastest FW and dont need to flash? hehe
Flashing is so fun I didnt stop to even check if s03 is the latest version for my drive hehe

ws03 is the latest version for the W model of the drive yes…

Does that mean that a fw doesnt exist currently that gives mt. rainier support for my drive? Or does it already have it?
thanks btw :slight_smile: