Unable to find exact overburn capacity of 80-min CD-Rs with LTR-48125W

Unable to find exact overburn capacity of 80-min CD-Rs with LTR-48125W.

The firmware is VS08.

I tried Feurio, Nero CD Speed 1.00 & Nero

I inserted a Princo 80-min CD-R in the burner & started Feurio to test the CD-R capacity by entering 85 min.

The test completed without any error.

Did the test again with 90 min, still no error.

Now, how come this is possible to burn upto 90 min on an 80-min CD-R.

Feurio displays the message that the Burning Simulation stopped without an error or the Drive doesnot support identifying the end of medium in simulation mode.

Now how can I test the exact capacity.

Did the same in Nero CD Speed, test completed @ 90-min on the 80-min Princo Media.

Added some files in Nero & simulated a 90-min burn on the media, still test process successful.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Please help me. This is my first OverBurn. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Simulation should be more precise, but it is not necessarily. I had the same issue with a Plextor 24x and CMC media some time ago.

The only way to get an exact result is to do the overburning.

The VS08 f/w does have a problem Nero CD Speed’s overburn test… or rather, the other way around. Try flashing back to VS06 and you should get a more accurate overburn rating. Or you can use a different CDRW to do the test. I used a samsung 40x to do the overburn simulation and it works pretty well.


Do you want to say that this a media issue? :confused:

I was using cheap Princos rated 2x-48x.

Should I try some other media or is this a burner problem?


I have also tried Feurio.

Feurio showed the overburning capacity of normal 74/80-min CD-Rs on my old HP 9100b 8x4x32x buner.

But, this burner is now dead.

Sorry for the 3rd post :bigsmile:

I just saw your signatures (Alexnoe & Stoner)

You both have Lite-On 48x burners.

Could you please test & see if the same problem occurs on your burners with Feurio (if you have), Nero CD Speed & Nero :bow: :bow: :bow:

Currently I cannot downgrade to VS06 to try it myself.


There’s no such a problem with my stuff - Feurio 1.65.5ß & LTR-48125W
I ususally run the CDR capacity tests ( saving those in CDR database ) every time I buy new media.
So depending on the manufacturer the times can vary e.g. between 81:40 and up to 84:50
( my recent Benq & Ritek cdrs )


The failure to test overburn properly with the LTR-48125W occurs only with firmware VS08. When I tried it with CD Speed and Feurio 1.65 beta, both tests ran without errors, i.e., failed.

See Bad Overburn w/ LTR-48125W


yes, I recall reading that thread the other day.
So, what you really mean is that the latest VS08 has a bug and therefore is being praised to the skies all in vain, right ?


Yes, I guess you could call it a “bug” although it has no effect on function. I’ve already tested all media on hand for overburn capacity and could test new media with a different burner. As such, it really doesn’t bother me.

Aside from that, VS08 does seem to be superior to the earlier firmware, so I don’t think it is being praised in vain.

Originally posted by Inertia

…Aside from that, VS08 does seem to be superior to the earlier firmware, so I don’t think it is being praised in vain.

Sure ! You know what ? I do really admire your very knowledgable messages whatever they concern.
In my humble view, you are definitely worthy of being a moderator @CD Freaks, no doubts about it ! :smiley:

Looks like not many ppl around here at the moment. Many seem to be facing certain troubles in getting
@ the current site.

Thanx Inertia for the Info.

So, not able to show the correct overburn capacity of a normal 74/80 min CD-R is because of VS08.

So, Do I have to downgrade back to VS06 to find the exact capacity ???

@darshjog: No, I can’t try it. Nero CD Speed shows crap ATIP capacities for blank media when using VS08.

BoSkin ,
Thanks very much for the kind words. BTW, I [i]was[/i] a moderator here of the Nero Forum and Easy CD Creator Forum, since combined into the Burning Software Forum. :wink:

Reflashing to VS06 is an option. If you have or can find another burner available to run the overburning test, I would recommend that as the best choice.

Reflashing just to run an overburn test is asking for trouble. Reflashing should be treated with respect. If it is done frequently and indiscriminately it may eventually lead to a permanent flashing failure.


Tried Nero CD Speed overburn w/ my TDKs and there’s no limit. So it’s definitely a firmware problem… at least I get a limit last time I did the overburn test w/ VS06 f/w. And no way I’m testing it w/ Feurio, I just spent all my money fixing my car, so there’s no money left to buy a new lite-on. I need to sell the samsung 40x though.


I am in no way going to flash back to VS06 for the sake of overburning. Thanks for the tip though. :wink:

As long as VS08 can burn 90-min to 90-min CD-R I am going to stay with it.

@Stoner & @ Alexnoe

So, it can be concluded that VS08 has a problem in this regard.

Originally posted by Stoner

Tried Nero CD Speed overburn w/ my TDKs and there’s no limit. So it’s definitely a firmware problem… at least I get a limit last time I did the overburn test w/ VS06 f/w. And no way I’m testing it w/ Feurio…

Likewise here - trying whatever media w CD Speed overburning test, there are no limits for those :confused:
Moreover, also Feurio’s behavior’s become kinda strange ( well, normal otherwise ) -
I’m simply no longer capable of saving the CDR capacity tests’ results in the CDR database there.
Guess I’ll trynna switch back to VS06 and see what happens then.

And this is what kind of messages I’m now getting in Feurio ( still w VS08 ) :

Capacity test not successful !
The capacity test is based on simulation the burning of an oversized "test CD"and looking for the first position where an error occurs.
But this test has run until the end of the selected test size was reached, without an error being reported by the writer.
Either a test capacity was entered which was too small or your CD writer does not “recognize” when it reaches the end of the blank in simulation mode and is thus not suitable for a capacity test.

You know what, guys ?

As soon as I’ve taken the drive back by reflashing it w VS06 the problem with the overburning tests
in both Nero CD Speed and Feurio
( when it comes to determining CDRs’ capacity and saving it into the CDR database )
has just vanished by itself !!!
And everything works just fine again.

So, this probably means that VS08 has a bug in that matter.
But I’m glad I’ve managed to fix this kind of trouble here.

@darshanjog, many thanks for your anxiety and taking this issue into the light !

@Inertia, you were ( as always ) absolutely right, man !
Reflashing to VS06 showed to be not just an option but it in fact became a very good cure :smiley:

Thanks a lot ! :bow: :wink:

Btw, I guess because of that bug in VS08 I was wrong when saying about the following :
“84:50 ( my recent Benq & Ritek cdrs )”.
The actual times for those are about 81:51 - 81:59
( that was firstly defined in CD Speed and then confirmed in Feurio )

Since, I have decided not to downgrade to VS06, I’ll not be able to find out the exact overburn capacity of 74/80 Min CD-Rs.

Just by chance, does anybody know the exact overburn limit of Princo 2x-48x certified media.

The ATIP of them is as follows:

 Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
        ATIP Lead-in = 97m 27s 28f
   Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)

Disc Manufacturer maybe = Princo
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 40X

The recording surface of this media is Light Blue.

Inertia is very helpful & right.

He has posted an answer to nearly all my recent threads.

Thanks Inertia. :bigsmile: