Unable to finalize DVD

Ive had ok luck so far although ive had a few bad dvds … i don’t exactly know what creates this problem or how to duplicate it… im using dvd shrink 2.3 and when i burn the dvd with copy2dvd i get the following errors with 10 seconds left:

Error: Unable to finalize the write process
Error: WriteSector failed at sector 2199744 (16) - Code 04 09 01 (HW error, Tracking servo failure)

I know i have enough room for the dvd as its only around 4.300 although when i compressed it even more to say 4.000 it had no problems… =\

any help would be extremly appreciated

4.3 GB is kinda pushing it as standard DVDs only hold 4.38 GB. That’s the only thing I can come up with since you said it worked ok with a 4.0 file.