Unable to extract raw data from CD's

Somewhere along the way my PC decided it can;t extract raw data from CD’s.
If I use ANY CD ripper program I don’t get any ATAPI, SCSI or MSCDEX capable device available. It used to be fine. I tried three different CD Rom drives, and a CDRW and a DVD-RW, and all do the same. So it must be something in WindowsXP that has changed.

Has any recent WinXP patch done that? I can play the audio CDs, record CDR/DVDR, play DVD’s etc etc. Even still rip DVD’s fine. But not audio CD’s.

It has also very recently occured on my second PC too. Exact same problem. But as far as I can see I have not done a thing to it (any changes) of late. Bar windows updates now and then.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Do the drives themselves work correctly? If so, you could check if it’s the ASPI layer that these ripping programs might use that’s failing.

If you happen to have Nero installed, fire up the Nero Infotool and take a look at the status of the different ASPI layers on your system. If there appears to be something wrong there, you might have found the cause!

Yes, the drives seem to work 100% fine in every other way. it is only CD-Rippers (I tired a heap of them) that all fail to be able to access the drive, which seems to be always done via direct (raw?) access.

I will check with NeroInfo soon. But I do suspect something with regards to the ASPI layer has caused it.
Is APSI support built into XP at all?? And if not, yet maybe been added, is there a way to look at it and even remove it, or reset it back to standard, easily??