Unable to exe flash nec 3500 windows firmware



using windows xp home sp 2for an nec 3500ag, v 216.
hp notebook with nec 3500 ag in external enclosure case.
toshiba sd r2312 cd rw/ dvdrom internal.

attempted to update and flash nec 3500
with various ‘windows’ flashes, among others:
2c8, 2f8, win218.

ie “35002c8.zip”
unzips and i have


none of these unzipped files will execute when i double click on them.

what do you think i am doing incorrectly?

with TDB’s update which does open and execute,
i can not select my nec dvdrw as it is
shaded, above dropdown window,
and i am not able

to highlight it in the drop down window.

the ‘my computer’
registers the nec correctly.

says nec is working.

please advise.



External enclosures can be a problem when trying to flash a drive.
You could try Binflash If this doesn’t work for you, as a last resort you could remove the drive from its external enclosure and connect it to a IDE channel on a PC. Assuming you have a desktop PC or have access to one.



will let eveyone know how it turns out,