Unable to erase CD-RW disc with ASUS CRW-5232AS CD-RW Drive --- serious issue....?




This is a very serious issue.

i have the ASUS CRW-5232AS cd-rewriter and ASUS DRW-1608P2 dvd-rewriter to exhibit full control over my digital world.


Since the last 2 yrs my cd-rw drive was working great. I could easily burn
cd-rw discs, but offlate i have been experiencing some serious techie failures in erasing really high quality cd-rw discs. The brands that i use are mainly MOSER BAER, which is the most expensive and premium brand in INDIA.
Never had any problems before but now its started to shake me …

How i get the error…

  1. i buy a new cd-rw disc MOSER BAER 10X

  2. insert it into my cd-rw drive

  3. I run NERO Ultra edition and use NERO EXPRESS to burn the disc

  4. burns successfully.

  5. conduct tests to check whether it reads in my other svs-rw

  6. I come upon some new data and feel like storing it on the MOSER BAER
    cd-rw disc.

  7. Use NERO EXPRESS to burn it, then i get non-empty warning prompt,
    then I select to emty the disc and burn.

  8. FAILURES start to happen

  9. Actually, this drive has 2 LED’s - RED for burning or erasing and GREEN for
    reading data.

  10. Both the lights begin to light-up and this goes on for about 20 min.
    The RED LED blinks damn fast (normally it would blink with a
    half-a-second time interval indicating a
    proper burn process)
    The GREEN LED is stagnant and is ON. (normally, during the burn process,
    this LED goes OFF.)

  11. Firstly, the RED LED should be blinking slowly…but no…it has to catch a
    train to the moon!. And the GREEN LED, instead of going off during the
    burning process…is so day-dreaming that it forgets to go OFF…

…WOW! man i am having some disco lighting here…let’s dance everyone!

I have tried several s/w such as NERO itself, NERO InCD 5, DeepBurner PRO, GEAR DVD PRO, ImgBurn, Clone CD, Ashampoo Burning Studio …all latest versions…I have also tried the FULL & QUICK erase / format options of these s/w…but no luck …the 2 LED’s just behave the way i explained above.
Even tried to re-flash my cd-rw drive via ASUStek’s flash bios file from their site. Nothing seems to work …and i still cannot erase my CD-RW disc.


  1. I can successfully, erase my cd-rw disc in another PC and my ASUS dvd-
    rw drive, too, using any of the above listed s/w.
  2. But then cannot write data into it anymore after inserting it into my cd-rw
    3…But the new CD-RWdisc was successfully burnt on the first attempt.

Can someone help me out here…I don’t think its any fault with my cd-rw drive …since ASUS has so sophisticatedly manufactured it…

I also tried to open the drive, as i am a h/w specialist, for laser cleaning purposes…there was absolutely NO dirt or dust on the lens…

The CD-RW disc (after being erased by the dvd-rw drive) is read by the
cd-rw drive…but gives this error -> “G:\ is not accessable. Incorrect Function”, when double clicked. Normally, the blank CD folder should open, when a blank CD-R/ RW disc is inserted in WinXP…which is not happening.

NOTE: i can erase and write data into this cd-rw disc only from my dvd-rw drive or any other PC’s CD/DVD RW drives…but not from my cd-rw drive.

If i write some data into it from the dvd-rw drive into this isc, it is perfectly read from the cd-rw drive.

I am concluding that i cannot erase the CD-RW disc and cannot write data into it after the first burn process on this cd-rw drive.

What can be the issue…???



You tell us that the drive is 2+ years old and has been used extensively. This leads me to believe that you may well have a paper-weight instead of a fully functioning unit. If for some reason there is a failure internally, you will be hard pressed without the proper test instruments to find it. Currently, new drives are selling for ~$30 here in the USA and that may be your best solution.


It seems that both drives are capable of using 10x rated CD-RW media.
So either there is a software/driver problem or the media is just not suitable or too new for the cd-rw drive.

Best would be to use recommended CD-RW media with this cd-rw drive.