Unable to edit any of my posts :(

No idea why, there’s just no option to do so.

Rather odd.


Ok, I could edit this one (at least right after I posted it) - is there a time limit to when you can still edit? (that would seem pretty ridiculous, imho)

You can edit your own posts for only 30 minutes.

As Drage said, yes, there is a limit. It is not an arbitrary limit; it was placed there for a reason, though that was before I joined the site. While I agree that it is frustrating at times to not be able your own posts*, it’s not impossible to ask the appropriate mod to do the tweaks for you**, and it’s usually not necessary. It’s especially cool to me that things are set this was, so the site can serve as a sort of static archive, with the added benefit that people can’t get away with writing a post, then deleting it.

(*: yes, I am aware that moderation & administrative staff does not have the restriction.)
(**: I know I don’t mind making genuine edits so long as I get a clear request, and I know the others are pretty much the same way.)

^^ What they said. There is of course the option of adding a post to a thread to update the info or status…

Good question DeathStalker77 :wink:

The reason we’ve added this limit is because in the past, if people showed bad behavior, they decided to edit their post. Either destroying proof or making it impossible to understand the discussion anymore. Obviously it also has a drawback as you noticed ;(

But in general it seems to work well. In case you need an edit, you can contact a moderator and in most cases it should be solved that way…

I hope that explains it.

Why is [B]DeathStalker77[/B] only a member and not a Resident yet. I think making more old timers Myce residents WILL give more insentive to post stuff .
I have said so before AND will again .:bigsmile:


Becoming a resident is actually an automated process :wink: I’ve just checked and members that have been around for three years or more and have 500 posts or more are automatically promoted to Myce Resident.

YOU THE BOSS and can change that :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=diane7;2719097]YOU THE BOSS and can change that :-)[/QUOTE]

500 posts over three years doesn’t seem terribly excessive though Di. Don’t forget that’s only just over three posts a week.


[QUOTE=Wombler;2719109]500 posts over three years doesn’t seem terribly excessive […][/QUOTE]
Uh-huh. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=old5chool;2730353]Uh-huh. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I see you’re making up for it now though. :slight_smile:

Good to see you back!