Unable to download from LG sites

For the last few days, I have been unable to download anything from any LG site. Has anyone else had this problem?

Works for me on de.lgservice.com using Firefox 2.0

No problem with the LG UK and US sites.

Using IE6 BTW.


You are running a honeypot? :bigsmile: Mine is restricted to 192.168.* and *.microsoft.com for good reasons. That’s why the icon on my desktop reads Intranet Explorer :bigsmile:


LOL - mine reads Internet Exploiter :bigsmile:

Interesting links. :iagree:

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything as odd as what’s been mentioned in the links on my PC.

However, a bit more security never hurt anyone :wink:

Goes to check firewall log

Useless :bigsmile:

Yeah, my thoughts too.

Mine is called ‘Intershrub exploDer’, then it went through the FireFOX and got a break into the Opera. Maybe I’ll take it to another Safari, next Lynx or so. :cool:

tracing the HOSTS lol

Bah :p…well, as long as nothing weird starts happening, I’m happy to use IE. Just can’t get along with FF for some reason, although until I changed PCs I did have it installed.

Don’t worry, you have my permission to laugh your socks off, if things go belly-up :bigsmile:

Stopped using that years ago. It’s mostly opera or firefox now. That’s on my other system that gets used for games and other stuff. The one I use to reply to this forum doesn’t even run Windows now. It’s Opera + FreeBSD for me :slight_smile: