Unable to do disc scan using H22L in an external enclosure



Hi, I have laptop with a NEC ND-6450 drive (flashed with ND-6500 firmware). I recently bought a LG GSA-H22L & I’m using it in an external enclosure (usb 2). The problem is that I’m not able to scan the discs that I burn. The NEC drive doesn’t support scanning, & the start button is greyed out when I try the LG drive. I’m attaching pictures, pls help. --Thx


Hi :slight_smile:

The LG doesn’t support scanning either, I’m sorry to say.


:a :frowning: , i guess I’ll burn at slower speeds to increase my chances of getting a quality burn since I can’t scan the discs.


That is a myth that is untrue. The best thing you could do is get some better discs, and burn what you have now @ 8x with your LG.


Hi, I bought some MCC004 discs after reading this forum (couldn’t find any TY media here in Toronto), & they burn pretty good in my LG drive as compared to other media, but I’m surprised that the LG drive doesn’t support disc quality scans because I thought that its a pretty new model & that it should have all the features…Is there any other way I can do quality checks after burning (maybe a different software), or do I have to get to get a drive that supports these features? & which drives have these features? —Thx for the help


Benq, Lite-On, and Plextor support quality scanning accurately. MCC 004’s are a good choice and should burn well @ at least 12x :slight_smile:


PIE/PIF scanning is not supposed to be an end-user feature, and is never mentioned as a “feature” in the documentation for customers. That’s partly because there are no sound, reliable standards for reporting PIE/PIF with end-user drives, unlike professional testing equipement that is calibrated to be complying with ECMA standards.

Also it was never supposed to be a feature for end users, because what’s reported makes absolutely no sense unless one spends lots of time in searching for references on the web. The fact that CDSpeed incorrectly labels the tests “disc quality” and reports a “quality score” (which is highly questionable) played a huge part in the confusion around what is PIE/PIF scanning.

As for you H22N and burning speeds, rest assured that it burns MCC004 extremely well, up to @18X. To be on the safer side, just stick with @12X burning with these discs and you’re good. :cool:

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