Unable to delete "files waiting to be burnt"

I was going to burn a large .avi but then changed my mind. Now I have a 400 meg files stored in documents and settings that wont be deleted. It keeps telling me the file is in use?

The IMAPI service is probably still “starting”. You can disable it by right clicking My Computer and left click on Manage. Then go to services and stop it.

If this does not help , just restart your Windows XP in safe mode and restart in normal mode.

restarting ur computer should do the trick, but recently i had a similar problem where i wasn’t able to delete a file that i burned even after i restarted my computer. i tried starting up the computer in safe mode, but it still told me the file was in use when i tried to delete it.

i finally used scan disc on the drive the file was stored (a complete scan with everything checked) and left it to scan, and when i came back (and windows was already loaded) i was able to delete the file. i’m guessing there was some type of data/file corruption going on.

Oh geez…
I had this same problem shortly after I installed WindozXp
I was cueing to check out the built in burn program and some weird thing happened and i had to abort the burn, Well for several days it bugged me to death asking to burn the damn cd. I found where it was at and I couldnt delete the damn file. Well after much profanity and unholy curses, I found out where Xp had hid the get rid of image or whatever it was. I immediately diabled the Imapi service and have not used it since.