Unable to Crossflash Philips 8801 Drive to BenQ

There are several problems I am having. I have posted about this a few times. I am hoping I am finally posting in the right forum and will get some answers here…

I am following all instructions from previous posts on this issue. I have a Philips DVD 8801 Drive, and it will not read any of the disks I’ve tried.
So I have attempted to crossflash it with the BenQ DW1650 Drive, which hasn’t worked. The same error pops up: “drive not allowed to be updated”
I then read further about flashing it first with the BQFlasher which I downloaded and unzipped, yet another error “LoadLibrary(wnaspi32.dll) failed” keeps popping up even after I have installed the .dll and placed in in the same folder as BQFlasher. I then also have the BenQ DW1650 BCHC in the same folder, but nothing seems to be working.

Any suggestions? Is there a good site I can get this wnaspi32.dll from? It doesn’t seem to be helping me. Is there something I’m missing? I have been at this for days, and am completely at a standstill. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

Try the frogaspi link from this post:


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