Unable to create disc structure



Ok folks
I have had numerous problems burning home movies for the last week and have wasted countless days - I do not lie here - on what the h*ll is going wrong… constant " unable to create disc structure " using Nero 6

Well I finally figured out that having " real player" on my computer was keeping me from burning the files… There is something associated with it that makes all your burning software unfunctional - trust me -its a total conspiracy!
Nothing I used worked to burn. So I thought well, I uploaded the video and it was branded “real player” so lets try and burn using real player… well they want cash to use the burner function !! So - I removed and all my home movies burned on NERO 6 in less than 3 minutes…

I know this is a scam now as I didnt have real player and burning was a cinch… every since adding to my system there has been nothing but problems