Unable to create directory




I'm having a bit of trouble with my clonedvd2. I've recently upgraded to windows 7 and becasue it takes up so much space, i had to buy an external hard drive. Now I've burned dvd's since then using the external hard drive. But now clonedvd is coming up with an error: "unable to create directory"

please help i’ve had so many issues upgrading to windows 7, i feel like throwing my computer out the window!


It seems like something is wrong with the permissions on your external drive. By default, Windows XP runs the user account as Administrator, where as Vista and Windows 7 runs the user account with limited access, using UAC to control administrative access. As a result, the external hard disk may have its permissions set up for read/write access to administrators, but read-only to non-administrator accounts.

You can try the following steps:

[li]Go into “Computer”, right-click the external drive and click ‘Properties’.
[/li][li]Go into the Security tab and click ‘Edit’.
[/li][li]Give full control to the “Everyone” user group and click ‘OK’.
[/li][li]If it requests, allow this to take effect in subfolders.

I’m not sure if Windows 7 Home Premium has the Security tab (for step 2.)


Thanks so much Sean for replying so quickly, but you’re right, there is no security tab for windows 7 and searching around I have been unable to find a users tab to allow everyone…


One thing you can try is booting the PC in safe mode. I know this gives access to the security tab in Windows XP Home & Vista Home Basic/Premium. However, I haven’t tried this yet in Windows 7 Home Premium.

To do this, press F8 before the PC boots up and choose ‘Safe Mode’ from the list. After you make the change, boot the PC in regular mode again.