Unable to create complete movie help please!

I thought I had successfully converted a load of my dvds to avi using dvdfab platinum but now find that none of them are complete, I have tried selecting both fixed file size and fixed bitrate and neither option completes the film.

I am looking to have high quality xvid on my hd to use with my media player on home cinema projector and tend to choose 768x432 as my usual resolution, could this be the problem? I am happy to play about with different settings but with a couple of hours wait to see if it works it gets a bit long drawn out.

My last try was the film “as good as it gets” at 900 fixed bitrate and 768x432 using audiocopy mode to retain 5.1 ac3 , encoding method was 2 pass yet when completed I get only 1 hour 50 minutes of a 2 hour 12 minute film, if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

I notice a couple of other posts with similar problem but no replies.


What version of Platinum are you using?

I have experimented with these “Mobile” modes a little and have never had one do what you describe. To help shorten your experimentation cycle, make a special test DVD that is only 2 or 3 chapters of the main movie (using Customize, no menus, then use the “Advanced Title Settings” to set the begin and end chapters). This will give you a much shorter experimentation cycle. But remember that version is buggy and 1) has audio sync problems and 2)will not read from HDD files, so you will have to burn your “test” DVD to a disc or revert to I’m not sure if input file size is part of the problem you are having so the idea of using only short files for testing may not trigger the symptoms you are seeing. :confused:

I have not found any of these modes that produce a picture anywhere near the quality of the original DVD files. I am using WinDVD for DVD files and WMP for the mobile modes. Do they look OK on your bigscreen?

Hi I have tried with 3040 and 3039 both give the same problem, I am experimenting with lowering resolution to 800 and trying just single pass to see if it resolves the issue.

All I wanted was a simple solution to provide xvid files of good quality with ac3 5.1 sound to store on hard drive to run through media player, the quality is fine of a 6ft screen, not as good as original dvd but I am happy to allow larger file sizes around 1.4gb for a 90 minute film to retain higher quality, so far I havent found a one source solution which produces reliable results every time. :sad:

I’m sorry I can’t give you more help but I don’t use these modes very much. One thing I think I can say is that Fengtao will support you and will make these features work. If someone with more experience doesn’t come along in a day or so, find on of Fengtao’s posts, click on his name and send him a PM. He or one of the staff will get back to you as soon as they can if there is anything they can do. I’m still very puzzled by the problem and wonder why you get no error message from Platinum or your player software. I have just made a test disc of Superman Returns, about 10 mins. worth, and will try that and see if it copies it all or truncates.

Could not duplicate problem. Encoded at fixed bit rate 2500 KB/s, 848x480,AC-3, and got all 14 minutes, 19 seconds of the original. Complete with about 700 ms delay on the audio. This worked fine in earlier versions. :doh:

If I have time I will try the full movie later and report back. Sorry you’re having trouble :frowning: .

Thanks for that, the annoying thing is that I dont seem to be getting the sync problem from what I can see, it reports job as completed but only partial film, suspect it may have something to do with file size as managed scrooged which came in just under 1gb so am now retrying runaway jury at lower bitrate to get it to be below 1gb in file size, gut instinct is that this will work but doubt quality will be that hot for a long film.

Will keep you informed.

I am having the same problem.

I have had no problems at all with any of the back up modes other than to mobile under the latest version of platinum.

I have found that I can get the whole movie using (generic mode) if I go with something in the range of 450 kbps but then I have the quality loss and audio sync problems. If I go with 900 kbps or above I am happy with the quality and have no audio sync problems but come up about 20 to 30 minutes short on every movie I try.

I have had no luck dropping the resolution or changing the other variables, bitrate seems to the key to the problem for me.

I tried running the bitrate up to 3000kbps and still had sync issues. Great looking video though :wink: .

I suspect this will all be corrected in the next release. If not, some of the earlier betas worked OK in the mobile modes (some didn’t though).

Okay, latest update, dropped the bitrate down to 634 on a 2 hour film which produced a finished avi at 951mb and as suspected the complete film is on there, I suspect the issue is down to file size or bitrate as I have had films convert at 2gb with lots of the film missing, so it isnt as though it stops when it reaches a certain file size.

It’s beyond my knowledge level, hence the reason for wanting a simple solution to converting my dvd’s but it would be helpful to get it fixed as it makes the product completely unusable for my purpose. The above test was performed with version 3039, am now going to try a movie over 3 cd’s with version 3040 instead of no split or fixed bitrate and see if that makes any difference. Incidentally I have had the program running on 3 different pc’s with the same results.

If anyone has access to a version number which didnt have this issue on the generic to hd I would be happy to give it a try just to make some headway until the latest version is fixed.

It’s a pity as this program seemed to tick all the boxes for me, simple, ac3 5.1 support xvid and pretty fast encoding. Anyone know of any other programs which fit the bill that work?

Also on a final issue I want to get as good a quality as possible without ridiculous file sizes, I read somewhere that a bitrate of 800 was almost dvd quality so is there any benefit of going above this? I am happy to have a file size of around 1.5gb for a 90 minute film if the quality justifies it, as mentioned previously I view all my films on a 6ft screen so like to get as good a quality as possible from my conversions.

Thanks in advance

Have just converted a film selecting 3 cd 1 pass and whole film is there and in sync using 3039 so this will hopefully do for now, will test some more with 2 pass and let you know how I get on.


Glad you’ve got something working :slight_smile: . What file system do your PCs use? There were some issues earlier with FAT/FAT32 systems causing problems that could be avoided with NTFS. A forum search might turn it up. It was I think a month or so ago.

All systems are ntfs, so far using two or three cd option seems to be working, seems to only be a problem when no size limit is set.

Not sure I understand why that is a problem, but at least you have found a work-around. Keep watching this thread, someone who uses these modes more than I may come along next week and offer a better solution. Good luck!