Unable to create backup of Hitman 2

I have attempted the Blindwrite & Twinpeak/CloneCD methods at a burn speed of x2. My burner is a Sony 24x10x40x with the most recent firmware. The backup discs that I create just spin continueously in my drive. Is there another sure fire method of creating a backup of Hitman 2 that can be used as both the install disc & play disc?

Please, I need the help of someone smarter than me :bow: :bow: :bow:

alcohol 120% and the RMPS emulation option works for almost everyone

Thanks Maelstrom, I was able to make a good burn using Alcohol 120% and it runs well with Emulation on however I cannot install using the backup disc. During the install process it hangs-up on the main.wav file and times out. Any idea why it does this?

try different writing speed or cdr media.
did you mount the image in the virtual drive to check if it is a good image. if it works in your virtual drive but not from cd its is a burning issue, if it isn’t working in your vitual drive too, it most likely a reading issue.