Unable to create a DVD with chapters

I have Nero7

I have 7 small home films I wish to put on a DVD disc, but I can not seem to get it right.

I convert them from WMV to MPG(2) format using Blaze Media Pro 6.1
Then I Convert them to VOB files using the same BMP6.1
now i use Nero7 to burn the file.

I wish to have the menu show the titles of each film.

the only way i got the movies to play one after the other was using Nero to store them on a CDR, not it played like a music cd one after the other.

I think maybe I am after having them stored as chapters, is this what i should be doing?

how do i do this to store them on a DVD as chapters, just thought of this while typing.

let me know if you need anymore info.



I think you can use one product that can convert video files to DVD,but don’t need what you say above.

I know a tool in the field. which can add text caption for every video, and allow you to create multiple video slideshow with menu templates and transition effects if you want.

So suggest you try it for free trial