Unable to crack BBC documentary DVDs

Good Morning, and greetings from San Francisco. i am a frequent / registered user of AnyDVD (v5.9.6.1) and 1ClickDVDCopy (v4.2.9.9) under WinXP/SP2, using NEC drives here with Herrie and Liggy&Dee firmware.

i am unable to crack certain BBC documentary DVDs; eg., “The Life of Birds” (none of the 5 discs work) and this AM failed to get “Blue Planet - Seas of Life - Disc3 = Seasonal Seas & Coral Seas”.

Note that these DVD’s are “episodic” compilations of TV programs… for example, the Blue Planet DVD contains the 2 episodes “Seasonal Seas” and “Coral Seas”.

the source DVDs are > 4.7 gig, some compression required thus. The Life of Birds DVDs conk out about half-way, i thought that this might be a dual-layer transition problem… but no, the Blue Planet DVD conks out after ripping the first File quickly / successfully and getting down to biz with the big video File itself. it makes no difference whether i use 1Click or another ripper or, AnyDVD’s internal ripper…

…1Click sends us to a message about DVD43, implying that the underlying is not sufficiently cracked. AnyDVD sends us to a message that says the underlying source is corrupted / dirty, etc. “unreadable”

after hitting the wall with these particular BBC DVDs (and have no problems with any others) and failing to get it going, despite fiddling with this, that and the other, i would appreciate any suggestions / fixes this venerable forum may offer.

FYI running Norton Anti-Virus and Spyware Doctor buggy killers, fwiw.

please feel free to respond to me here or, privately via :


Best regards, Steve

The first thing I would do to disable the spyware and AV programs then clean the disc I am trying to copy that might do the job.

have u tryed the ripper in anydvd or clonedvd2 or dvdshrink?

@ MonsieurGonzo,

In the AnyDVD-CloneDVD Forums there are numerous postings concerning conflict problems caused by having DVD43 and AnyDVD installed on the same computer. If you are using AnyDVD ensure that all instances of DVD43 are thoroughly and completely removed from your computer.

Also in the AnyDVD-CloneDVD Forums there are numerous postings concerning conflict problems caused by the invasive nature of Anti-Virus programs especially the NAV program interfering in the correct functioning of AnyDVD. Suggest curtailing the use of all Anti-Virus programs while processing backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

For Forum members to provide meaning assistance provide any Error Codes and complete exact Error Narrative(s) you receive when you experience your problem.

Best Regards,

PS- It is unwise to post your E-Mail Address on an open Forum.

If all other suggestions are tried and fail send the IFO files to Slysoft. If there is a new type of protection they will usually have an update out in short order. See this link for details;


Is it possible, that this is a region or PAL/NTSC related problem? BBC discs - region2, San Francisco region 1?

For interest the R4 (PAL) version of blue planet rips fine with dvddecrypter… R2 and R4 are often the same - it may be a bad disc?

PS: I split Blue Planet - there is a lot of fast motion and it required too much compression. Shrink gets bad with fast motion and high compression. CCE would probably be ok.



first thing I would do is ditch the email addy

Thank you all for your quick replies and insights. obviously i was unaware that it was unwise to post an eMail address (um, i have no idea how to remove it from my original posting) but will not do so in the future :wink:

[] i am not running DVD43; ANYDVD has always performed flawlessly here.

[] the idea of a “Region” conflict is interesting… FWIW, these DVDs play here (ie., in The States) not only on (various) PC’s but also our SONY (USA) test appliance DVP… that is to say: our DVP appliances indicate no errors on the underlying disks, nor any “digital artifacts” as a result of scratches / dirt, etc.

[] all CDs & DVDs we process here are pre-cleaned before proceeding; the ripping/burning drives themselves are opened up and cleaned after X Rip-Burn cycles… iow, the disks & drives are clean, mates.

[] now the possibility of a conflict with Anti-Virus and/or bug-killer monitors is very interesting, indeed; disabling all background processes will be my next approach. if you do not hear back from me… it will indicate this fix failed to resolve our BBC DVD documentary - backup problem.

[] and if a solution is not forthcoming i will endeavour to post all the technical bits about these disks, our equipment, etc., for further analysis, chat & chew.

Thank you again -Steve

PS. perhaps ANYDVD simply doesn’t care for David Attenborough? {grin}

Posting the contents of the AnyDVD information window would shed some light on the issue.
Make sure that you set AnyDVD to “Default” settings.

No problems here DVDfab Decrypter (free) - Dual Layered with Sonic RecordNOW! (not that great a bit of software but works quite a bit of the time.