Unable to copy The Manchurian Candidate

While cloning the said movie Clondvd produced the following error…Creation
of DVD files was not successful,unable to copy protected material(aps).
Clonedvd2 does not support the copying of material protected by the APS.
in the details box Clone 7 tce is listed.
N.B…The above messages were produced after Clonedvd got to about 36%.

No problem ripping to have drive with Decrypter and using Vobblanker/Shrink
to produced final result.

Make sure, that APS (Macrovision) is properly removed. To avoid the problems 321 Studios ran into, CloneDVD will refuse to copy Macrovision (APS) protected discs/files. When using AnyDVD, click “Default” in settings.

Thanks for the advice finally got it to work by ajusting the setting in Anydvd.