Unable to copy the CD. [DISKCOPY]


I got a software (PM Fastrack) CD from one of my friend and tried to copy. I tried using NERO. There are so many errors in the source cd (Unable to read track xxx). Finally unable to copy the CD. But the source CD is working well. So, I copied all the files from this source cd and made the Data CD and which is not working and the software tells me to insert the original CD when I try to install the application using the copied cd.

I tried with CloneCD and I was able to make the CD copy with errors. But unable to install the software using the copied cd.

Is there anyway I can copy this CD? Please advice.



Welcome sarvan :),

would be nice scanning for the used protection your take a look here Copy Protection Identifying Guides and post your result. There are many protection which are causing read errors while dumping the image.