Unable to copy "Skins"

Hi folks

My first post here so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong or I’m in the wrong section or breaking any rules. I have the latest dvdfabdecrypter ( beta) but it won’t touch any of the 3 disc set? (“Skins” UK region 2 TV series). I tried doing a save log file and sending it in but it won’t happen?. It seemed to copy half the disc then came up “Complete” but the folder only has about 3.8 gb (instead of about 7gb) and when I try to play what’s in the folder it breaks up terribly?.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


Welcome wayne 30,

I moved your thread to our dvdfab forum.

Hi Kalas

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: The link doesn’t work?. Where is the dvdfab forum please.

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I found it thanks.

Hi Folks

I went back to version and it worked fine :slight_smile: ???.

Hi Folks

Back again … I lied …sort of. disc 1 copied fine on but disc 2 won’t?.

Looks like I need help after all :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated thanks


“Skins” UK version contains latest RipGuard protection, and it will install rootkit into your system if AutoRun is enabled.

Hi fengtao

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: In the end I used another PC with a different DVD r/w and version 4008 beta and it copied fine.

“and it will install rootkit into your system”

GULP !!!, what’s “rootkit” ?, is it something that needs to be removed from the PC’s?.


The rootkit on disc “Skins” will install a device driver without user permission.

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Hi fengtao and thanks again for the reply.

Good Grief, I read the link. How the hell do I get rid of the root kit then ?. Is this version serious?. What’s it’s going to do to my PC from now on?. Do I need to take any action?.

Thanks in advance anyone.

[QUOTE=wayne 30;1927279]CRIKEY !!!
You said it alright.
The link that Fengtao provided recommends a new install of your operating system…I’d read the article, in particular, the portion re: “Removal”.

Fortunately, I’ve never had any rootkit programs installed on any of my systems, so I don’t know much about them.

Here’s another link…the author recommends the use of all 3 utilities that he provides links to…
I believe they are freeware or shareware.
Rootkit Detection and Removal

Good luck, and let us know what happens…:wink:

Hi maineman

Thanks for info. I just spent over 3 hours running the windows malicious (whatever it’s called) remover as suggested in your link. It took over 3 hours and found nothing so am going to try one of the other pgms that was suggested.


Hi folks

I’ve just run the backlight rookit remover as suggested in the link. That only took 3 mins to run/scan ???. Anyway, it came up with nothing found?. I have one more pgm to (possibly) run but that and the other pgms for rootkit detection and removal are to be used by experienced users only (which I’m certainly not!). So, I’ll let you what happens.


Back again

I’ve run BootKit analyzer and it found two “Hooks”, but the same ones are on three other PC’s so I’m hoping it’s something that should be there (anti virus or anti spyware programs?). The service names are:

NtOpenProcess, ZwOpenProcess 122 0xF7AC28AC Yes guard.sys

NtTerminateProcess, ZwTerminateProcess 257 0xF7AC2812 Yes guard.sys

That’s about as far as I can go with this problem?. I just hope that damn disc didn’t actually install anything on my PC :frowning:

Thanks again and any more help would be appreciated.

AH!, … just re-reading the post from fengtao. AutoRun is enabled on my PC but it wouldn’t or didn’t work when the disc was inserted so I had to open it manually. Do you think that stopped the RootKit installing itself ? (please say yes even if it didn’t …just kidding :wink: )