Unable to copy movie files with clonedvd. Please help!



i just recently captured a video off my dvr and the i converted the transport stream to dvd (Video_ts and Audio_ts files) using hdtv2dvd. After this i loaded clonedvd and chose the option to write existing data. then i entered the path of the ifo/vob files(the folder that contains both the audio_ts and video_ts folders) and then i entered the name of the iso to be created and chose my output path.

I clicked GO and it gave me this error message

creation of iso/udf image was not successful: unexpected error
Please be sure that all input files are avaailable and that they represent a properly mastered dvd.
DVDManager 5 1 CommonH 0 Command 0 8

Do i have the path set wrong. What am i doing wrong here???

There are no files in the Audio_ts folder and in the Video_ts folder, there are :

VIDEO_TS - backup file of the IFO
VIDEO_TS - dvd Movie Info
VTS_01_0 - backup file of the ifo
VTS_01_0 - dvd movie info
VTS_01_1 - dvd movie
VTS_01_2 - dvd movie

Please Help!


What version you’ve used?




@ mikej3131,

Explain how you converted the captured DVR video “to dvd (Video_ts and Audio_ts files)”.

Perchance have you ensured that the VIDIO_TS file you created is in fact “represent a properly mastered DVD”? Using either PowerDVD or WinDVD computer software player attempt to play the VIDIO_TS file and see if it plays properly.

In a properly mastered DVD the AUDIO_TS file usually doesn’t contain any files. A compliant DVD contains an AUDIO_TS and VIDIO_TS files and these files have to be in upper case letters (Example: AUDIO_TS and VIDIO_TS). Ensure that the AUDIO_TS and VIDIO_TS you are attempting to copy are if fact in upper case letters. In your posting #1 that is not case which possibly could be a typographical error on your part.

Concerning Forum Member’s rapid fire inquiry in posting #2. To avoid any confusion ensure that when making Forum posting that you include the version number of the software program you are using.

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The files are in all upper case. Hmmm Should i be pointing to the Video_ts folder only, or pointing to the folder that contains both Video_ts and Audio_ts folders(thats what i pointed to when i tried it).

Anyway i captured using capdvhs. then i got a .ts file. I took that .ts file and cut the commericlas out in womble mpeg video wizard. Then took that .ts file and put it in hdtv2dvd and clicked convert. The hdtv2dvd gave me two outputs(one was a dvd compliant mpeg, and the other were those ifo and vob files).

What is the difference between all these files anyway? the ifo and the backup ifo and then the dvd movie and the and the dvdmovieinfo files???