Unable to copy full movies

I am trying to make full backup of my kids’ dvds but I am unable to do so with dvdfab and dvd shrink.
I opened dvdfab and it scanned the dvd. I selected the target and pressed start.
The dvd was processed.
I then opened dvd shrink, opened the folder where the files were located. DVD shrink was able to analyze the files and I selected backup.
The backup process was initiated but then when it got to the burn part it gave an error saying it was unable to burn the disk and that the files were already encoded and ready to be burnt.
I have no clue what is wrong.
Is this the proper procedure?
Should I have used a different burning software?

Thanks in advance,


I would output to a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive.

Then you could burn that with Nero or the free program called IMGBURN.

There are a couple of guides that may help:

Basically, you go into BUILD mode, select the VIDEO_TS folder and burn it to your DVD drive with a blank DVD in there. :slight_smile:

But don’t I need some program to shrink it to size?
I tried burning my son’s curious george movie and I got a “not enough space in disk” using dvdfab.
Then I thought I needed something to shrink it to fit in the dvd…

Thanks for the manuals…I am off to read them.


DVD Shrink is very good at that. You can do a full backup or a re-author, should work fine. Use one program to rip the movie to disk, then use DVD Shrink to open it up and configure it the way you want.

There is a tutorial for DVD Shrink by Mr Bass - here’s the link - it shows it all pretty well:

Hey, to make it easier, I went ahead and put together a quick bit on how to do the burn with ImgBurn. I hope it is clear enough and helps. Good luck. :slight_smile:


I did exactly what you showed on your tutorial and the fact still remains that the dvd is only 4GB and the original is 7GB…
It gives the “not enough space in disc” warning.
How can I overcome this with imgburn?


Did you shrink the content so it would fit on the 4 gig disk?

I’m just noticing that you have two threads going on essentially the same topic. Please avoid this practice, it’s confusing and frustrating for those trying to help and those trying to learn…and hopefully, we all strive to learn.

I also see that BeardedKirklander has given you some excellent and comprehensive help…but apparently still no go. Just as an FYI, there have been glitches with shrink and various fabdecrypter 3 versions. Also complicating this, there seemingly, is wide variability user to user…(guessing here, since I almost always use platinum).

If you’re just having trouble with the “…George Shrinks movies (we have 2)…”, then I would recommend that you download the free trial of platinum. It’s the full retail version - good for 30 days and you would avoid all the integration issues you’ve been having, at least with these two flicks. Platinum will rip, compress, burn and a whole lot more, all within the same application. Who knows?..you just may want to keep it.

The problems are two different things therefore I used two different threads…one is related to burning and the other with an error I get after decrypting. I read the manuals he provided and I am thankful for them but they didn’t solve the issue at hand. I can’t still burn using imgburn because of the size issue and the one about the error while reading is another completely different issue from this…
It hasn’t happened with just those two titles but a wider variety of titles as I have children at different ages and they like different types of movies. The only thing they have in common is that they all scratch the dvds to no end which caused me to think about copying our titles before they wreck them.
Indeed I will try and find other sources of information before I request more help.

Thank you for your help,

Hi! Sounds like you’re a bit discouraged about this, but hang in there! I’ve gotten good help from these good folks and that’s all they want to do…help you!

Apologies to all but I want to address two things quickly (even though I’m a novice/newbie):

  1. Backing up/copying full movies: I use DVDDecrypter first, then IFOEdit (as a precaution and because a much smarter person on here than I am suggested it) then I use Nero 7. First two are free, Nero is not…but I find it to be well worth it.
    —DVD Decrypter is no longer updated, but works for most backups of my DVDs. You can google it or find it here and there is lotsa help. If you set it up right, it will remove the copy protection and other issues. Doesn’t work for everything…but most things it does.
    —IFO edit also removes protection, prohibited user operations, and other neat things.
    —Nero (and DVDShrink) allow you to shrink an 8 gig disk to 4.7 gig usually. I have DVDShrink…haven’t really used it…but there are too many folks out there that use it and love it.
    Thing is, there are many utilities out there but you WILL need to experiment…and do some looking. But I can say this: I used the three I mentioned to at least decrypt and backup my “Cars” DVD for safeguarding. Could only get it on a 4.7 by deleting some items…but that’s the breaks!
  2. I do get an error with Curious George using DVDDecrpter, so that’s why I’m here: learning from those wiser than me.
    As I said, don’t be discouraged and hang in there. Someday you’ll be the one offering sage advice on things like this…or at least encouragement!
    All the best and Happy Holidays!