Unable to 'Copy Disc' with DVDs (using Artec COMBO Drive & DVD Writer)



Let me start by saying that I’ve already updated my Artec firmware, which was another monster! Geez …trying to resolve this issue in NERO SmartSuite 6.

I have a Artec CDRW/DVD COMBO, which I’m using as my source drive and a Sony DVD Writer as the destination. Note: I haven’t had any problems with the Sony Writer coping DVDs using just this drive, but I recently added to Combo drive to cut down on burning time.

When I select ‘Copy Disc’ under the DVD tab, specify the source drive / destination… it spits out the blank DVD-R and asks for a CD-R. The problem is… it only thinks that CD-Rs are the only media used on this drive to copy from and although it shows the 4.7 gigs are the space on the drive, it still looks for a CD-R in the destination drive (Sony).

Any solution???
Heck any other program, for that matter that will get the job done??
I’ve already wasted 5 hrs with a firmware upgrade that went bad and now that its correctly updated — Nero still will not recognize the DVD in the drive.

HELP ME!!! …5 hrs and counting… :sad: :sad:


You should try a different burning app and see if it works for you!
Other good/better burning apps:
NTI CD&DVD-Maker 6.7 Platinum Edition Trial:


Sonic RecordNow! Info:


Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD 8 Trial:


Good Luck!


Thanks dude!! …and I tried them all, no success… :sad:
Called the Artec Tech Support and its no haps — that said that it would always be recognized as a CDRW if used as ‘Copy to Copy’ or ‘Burn on the Fly’…

So now i’m looking to return this drive in the next week or so, but I need a 52X24X52 CDRW / DVD-ROM replacement that can do this, suggestions??? :confused: