Unable to copy Bad Santa

I am unable to copy Bad Santa. It starts and then freezes at a given point. I have had no problems otherwise. Any solutions?

hi download the last release of dvd decrypter select file mode copy to your hard drive then use dvd shrink to reduce the file size or remove menus etc then just burn to disc

we need more info than that.

what programs are you using?

where does it freeze (analysis, encoding, burning, etc.)

if the problem happens during burning:

what speed are you burning at?

what model drive do you have and with what firmware?

what media are you using?

as for the dvd decrypter/dvd shrink suggestion, have you used those program to back up this particular dvd? Neither program is updated anymore, so it’s possible your suggestion won’t work unless you’ve had first hand experience with those programs being able to decrypt this title.

assuming you’re using anydvd (as this is the anydvd forum), what version do you have? The latest version handles everything I’ve seen, and Bad Santa isn’t a new movie as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). If you have the latest version of anydvd running, you should be able to burn this with any program.

if the problem happens during the burning part of the process please answer teh questions above

Did you people read, this thread is over a year old! :lol:

dammit! i noticed the most recent post was like 35 minutes ago so i responded to it. blame the first guy that responded haha.

and for once i thought i was trying to be helpful! :o

flip i never noticed the date on that, and to answer above yes i have burnt the disc with dvddecrypter and dvd shrink and i know dvd decryptor isnt updated thats why i stated the last updated version not the latest version
the last release was 3.5.4 and it can remove the sony protection on this disc some earlier versions cant handle this protection and freeze up at the fake bad sectors