Unable to "convert" Microsoft Photo Story 3 .wmv files

Can anyone advise me why I cannot convert .wmv files created in Microsofts Photo Story 3 software?

Any assistance would be much appreciated. I have no problem with any other video files. Everything works just fine.

The following error message is given when I try to add a M/S Photo Story 3 video file.

"File ‘filename.wmv’ not added (no support for Stream “Video: WVP2 / 0x32505657, 768x576”)

The reason is in your post.

"“File ‘filename.wmv’ not added (no support for Stream “Video: WVP2 / 0x32505657, 768x576”)”

The software has no support for WVP2 video streams.

Thanks Portmac - That seemed too obvious - but now I need to know if ConvertxtoDVD is ever likely to support wvp2 video streams ???

Why would software thats purpose is to convert videofiles in various formats support PHOTO story format? It is not real video, just a slideshow.
If you want to make DVD out of photos - PhotoDVD does it easily!

(this is not VSO official comment, just my own)

Thanks for your response JJ - I tried PhotoDVD but found that (IMHO) the Microsoft product was far superior and FREE but it unfortunatley has this drawback.

porgy102: good luck on trying to get Microsoft to add something that crucial as burning to DVD-format to their software.
All depends on what you want or what you need. If you need DVD out of photoslideshow - then use PhotoDVD.