Unable to Complete movie



I have been trying to get Saving Private Ryan to work with version 1.02. I have not tried it with 1.0. I have had no problems with 1.0 on other movies. The problem I am having is that I get to about 60-70% done and DVD2one program will stop and say it is finished. I check the size and it has done about 3 GBs. I can view the movie and sure enough about 70% into it and it stops.

I am using DVD Decrypter and only streaming the movie and 6 channel sound DTS.

Anyone else seen this?

Any suggestions?



Just backed up Pvt Ryan Region 1 with 1.02. Are you just backing up the main movie or trying to do the menu/extras? I just backed up the movie with no problem. Did you make sure the default size of 4472 gb is selected?



Yep, I selected just the movie. I checked the file sizes and played the VOBs with power quest. It is just the movie no menus. The DVD2one is set to 4472.

Like I said when I play the portion that DVD2one does do, it is the movie up until it stops about 70% into it.

I checked the VOBs from DVDdecrypter and the whole movie is there. Although something weird is that after DVD2one has only done 70% of the movie the original VOBs no longer play sound.

The version that DVD2one did does have sound.



Yeah, that is weird with the sound. I don’t have a DTS version, I don’t know if that could make a difference. I just played it back on my standalone. works fine except that in the beginning where the Dreamworks logo starts, there’s no sound. According to POWER DVD, it’s supposed to have 5.1 Dolby??? The moive itself is fine.

This DVD may have some strange authoring or something because I did try to do a backup with menus and had problems. The menus would cause a freeze-up so I just decided to go with the movie.

Have you had any trouble backing up any other movies with 1.02? I’ve been able to back up everything. Just for the hell of it, try ripping with Smartripper in file mode instead of DVD Decrypter. I prefer Decrypter but you never know, Ripper might handle Pvt Ryan better.