Unable to clean Memorex 16X DVD burner

[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex 16x16 DVD+/-DLRWN16 D2 External. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have an external Memorex 16X duel layer DVD burner. Unfortunately after a very few data disks (maybe 5) it got dirty. I tried using the Maxell lens cleaner disk but to no avail.

Every DVD I have ever tried to copy fails with the error message “DVD burner is dirty” I cannot find any screws on the unit as I’d like to take it apart and clean the lens with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Basically that’s it: my $160 Maxell burner got dirty before I could copy a single DVD, the Lens Cleaners don’t do anything, and now I have to toss it in the trash & spend $200 for a clean unit?

Please help: to try to copy DVD’s I’ve purchased 1-Click DVD-copy pro but it has always failed.

What software are you trying to use for copying?

[QUOTE=Albert;2106516]What software are you trying to use for copying?[/QUOTE]

1 Click DVD Copy Pro every time I try to backup one of my DVDs, the copy fails. The logs says “DVD burner is dirty”. Before 1-Click I have made DVD data disks (writing 5GB computer files) with verification & it’s always written the data.

What discs are you using (brand), what burn speed, and did you change brand or open up a new pack of discs at the time the problem started?

After reading the 1-click FAQ’s it lists a number of higher quality DVD’s. Accordingly I bought Sony DVD+R, also my cheaper box was Memorex (bad, cheaper disks), however the problem is apparently not in the disks but in the burner. All disk brands fail.

I am using the manually set slowest write speed.

The DVD’s decode & read okay, I can put the decoded files on my harddrive & play them from there. I just cannot put anything on a DVD.

Please read the question, it is not the disks, it is not the hard drive space, it is not the copy program, it is the Memorex 16X D2 External burner. How do I clean the #@$%&! thing?

Don’t use the lowest write speed, and see if it occurs when writing with another application like ImgBurn. If so, post the log, please. :slight_smile:

I have used higher speeds, those writes also fail.

I do not own imageburn and cannot afford new software. 1 Click was $80, Nero-8 was $64, the burner was $160. I also have Nero-8 & it fails trying to write the decoded files to DVD.

1-Click logs say “the DVD burner is dirty” thus I wish to know how to clean the drive. I don’t want to order new disks, I don’t want to upgrade to Windows Vista, I don’t want a new hard drive. I want to know how to clean the burner!


ImgBurn is free software, and using it to obtain a burn log [or using Nero again to obtain a burn log] might give us some information on just what part of the burn process it’s failing at.

Probably your drive is just dying or literally needs to be cleaned. You’ll either need to buy a cleaning CD from a nearby electronics store [not totally recommended] or manually open the drive and clean the lens with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip [slightly more recommended]. If that doesn’t work, you’ll just have to get a new drive.

Nobody bothers to read the message before commenting. The first thing I did was to buy the Maxell DVD cleaning disk but it does no good.

I ran it (cleaning DVD) once per instructions: no effect.

I then ran it twice: no effect.

I then ran it four times: no effect.

I plan to open the DVD drive & clean it w/ alcohol but there are no screws anywhere. I guess I just pry it open along the seams with a hefty screwdriver & then close it back up (w/ screws so I can open it again).

The drive works on burning some data CD’s but I guess those are less thorough.

Please read the question, it is not the disks, it is not the hard drive space, it is not the copy program, it is the Memorex 16X D2 External burner. How do I clean the #@$%&! thing?[/QUOTE]

We like to explore all the options before laying the blame on a burner, as other things are easier/cheaper to change first before shelling out again.

Anyway. Do a forum search for “cleaning burner” or similar, I know there is at least one thread, maybe more, with detailed instructions on taking it apart and which bits to clean and how.

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