Unable to choose GMT timezone



Thought I’d bring to your attention a timezone problem when creating a new account.

When creating my new account I was unable to select GMT as my timezone, the form checking process kept returning me to the account creation screen saying I needed to select a timezone, selecting the one above GMT which was GMT +1 (I think) I was then able to create my account.

Unfortunately thinking I’d go and change this once I was on the system I’ve found that you cannot change your timezone via the account management page so I’ll need someone to help me out here. :doh:

Cheers, BoyFrary.


Hello BoyFrary, and welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s been a few days since your post, but I’m experiencing the same thing when selecting GMT on the Frontpage also, so maybe the two are connected.

I’ve reported this elsewhere, so hopefully someone will look into it soon. :slight_smile:


Hey Bary,

I’m a CD Freaks developer. I will look into this problem a.s.a.p can you tell me how you managed to signup if you couldn’t choose the timezone?!


Hi Erpenator - a quick look at BoyFrary’s profile shows he picked GMT+1 in order to sign up, same as I had to on the Front Page :slight_smile:


I’ll start with this first thing in the morning. I’l keep you updated.


Thanks! :flower:


I did some test signups and tried multiple ways to get an error or invalid timezone but nothing happend.


I think we’ve found something.