Unable to change DVD region

:confused: Hello all, this is my first time here, so hopefully someone can help me out.
I own a Dell inspiron 5100 laptop with an external Sony DVD writer. The laptop was bought in the UK(region 2) and I now live in Australia(region 4). On playing different region discs, a message would come up saying you can only change the region X amount of times. When I try playing a region 4 disc now, a message comes up saying the player is set to region 2 and can no longer be changed, and even reloading windows will not help. Is there a way on setting it to multi region or at least setting it to region 4 as most of my discs are from there?

please help!


Using anydvd you would be fine, also there are rpc1 firmwares available. What for burner you’ve exactly?

I have read somewhere (I think it was PC Basics MAG) that if you download new firmware for your drive and/or updated firmware can reset your region count (sometimes).
I know this is a temp fix to your problem.
Depending on your drive you may be able to find region free firmware for it.
Some Drives have a code to free up the regions. I think liteon drives have these

Good hunting


That’s correct re: most Liteon drives, ie., there is a utulity to make them region free. I know many sonys are rebadged Liteons, so maybe you’ll get lucky. Anyway, the LtnRPC utility with discussion and guide is located right here.

Hope this helps.

Using anydvd did the job. Thanks to all who replied to my problem.

regards Gazza