Unable to Burn UDF Format with Roxio ECDC 6


I recently purchased a Plextor 712 DVD/CD RW. I’m running it on a Dell Dimension 8200, Win XP Home SP1, 256 MB mem, P4 1.8 Ghz.

I’m up to date with the new firmware (1.03). After installing ECDC 6 Basic, I’ve had a horrible time using the Drag-to-Disc function with DVD+R. Specifically,I want the disk to be in the UDF system and this is where I’m having my problems. According to the instructions, I should be able to choose this format over the ISO format when I eject the disk by clicking the ‘Advanced Eject Settings’ button and selecting the UDF format. However, when I get to this screen, the UDF option is actually dimmed out, only allowing me to select the ISO option.

I’m trying to figure out why this is and how I can fix it. I’m not sure if its a software problem or one of my settings somewhere. I thank anyone in advance for helping me, this has been driving me crazy for hours and Im sure its something little.

Did you format the disc?

Yes, I formatted it using Drag-to-Disc.

I found an answer to this by spending a while searching through other forums, in case anyone runs across the same problem, here’s what I found:

Writable DVD-R/+R media cannot be closed to UDF due to a serious hardware problem with DVD-ROM devices. A UDF image requires a special data structure to be written to the last written block of the disc. When the disc is inserted into the drive, the UDF drivers must to locate this data structure by reading the last written block of data. Unfortunately, a large number of the DVD-ROM devices in the field today have problems trying to read the last written block of data. Instead of reading the block, these devices will physically, and rather violently, vibrate until the system is powered off. Rather than subject users’ DVD-ROM devices to such physical trauma, DragToDisc only allows DVD media to be closed to ISO. This way when the disc is inserted into the drive it only has to read the ISO data structures which are written at the beginning of the disc.