Unable to burn - stall and lockup

my burn drive is a tdk velo 48x unit, using nero 5.5. xpress. i’m unable to burn any audio cd. burn stall and locksup. have tried varied remedies from software to bios upgrade to firewall disabling but problem persists. the unit is past the warranty period. question: should i invest in a new drive or do you suppose the problem lurks somewhere internally and is there something i may have missed? please advise .

What format are the source files in: WAV or MP3? If it is MP3, you may want to decode them to WAV first because Nero may have trouble decoding some MP3s on the fly.
Also we need to know about the speed and media (brand, speed rating and ATIP).

recording cd to cd. ritek brand that works well on a pc using cd creator. have tried slow to fast speeds.

If you have Nero and EZ CD Creator installed on the same PC, be advised that they don’t play well together.
Does copying the CD through image file work?