Unable to Burn Music/Audio Cds




Not sure when it started, but I can burn data files and copy cd no prob. What I can not do is Burn an Audio CD. Even with songs that I have burned before. I have used Nero, Winamp, Windows Media Player with no luck. It acts as if it is burning the songs but when all said and done, it shows the tracks but with only 1kb per audio file…

I am very competent with computers, but this is throwing me for a loop.

Toshiba Satellite s207
Win XP Pro, SP 2
All standard programs etc…

Has anyone ran into this before. Is it a Windows Thing???



when burning audio cds its converted to .cdda format for more info click here and here its normal for it do display file size like that and you must have meant 2kb, software players & dvd-cd players can play it normally and you can rip from the cd to pc using a cd ripping program exact audio copy is best for that


Figured it out, Problem was my two cd players don’t read the new memorex cds i just got 2 weeks ago. I only purchased verbatium for the past 2 years. Looks like memorex cds are not fully compatible with all players…i finially realized it when i played it in my friends car



i had no idea your cd players didnt read em in the first place , your post didnt mention it at all :rolleyes: , anyway glad to hear you got it fixed