Unable to burn Memorex disks... Could the manufacturer have labeled the disks with the wrong MID?



I have been trying to burn Memorex 16x MBIPG101-R05 disks with a BenQ 1640 and bsrb firmware. These are DVD+R disks, purple wrapper, older, silver disks with the little decorative squares. Scans in the forum indicated that excellent burns of MBIPG101-R05 are possible with the correct burner. I have over 200 of these disks sitting in my closet, so I thought I could find a way to make them useful, but something is wrong.

With the BenQ, the best burn so far, has been a 70. Other burns were 50, and below, even 0. So I ran Qsuite v2.1 on several disks, and the application doesn’t recommend burning these Memorex disks at any speed :eek: ( I tried every speed test ). Somehow, I don’t think the application recognized the media. During a 2.4x speed test, the media was declared “unknown”. :doh: MediaCodeSpeedEdit clearly lists the MBIPG101-R05 media code in the bsrb firmware, and I have snapshots of good burns that were posted in the forum (burned & scanned with a BenQ 1640). I was sure my approach to this was bullet-proof.

Could the manufacturer have made an error with the MID ? Is it possible that this media is not MBIPG101-R05 ?

I have other burners… using a NEC 3500A burner and firmware 2.TG, I burned a disk with a quality score of 82. That is the best I can do. I have tried 3 -4 firmwares on 3 -4 different burners. I also used SolidBurn & WOPC with the BenQ 1640, but learning mode had no effect. In fact, I think I burned a 0. Sidenote; depending on burn speed used, I boot win98 or XP, but this has had no effect on the results.

There is no discoloration on the recording side of these disks. They are sturdy disks, I see nothing wrong… Any ideas ?


There are reasons why most of us won’t recommend Memorex. Even when they use good mid codes, they often times get the poorest examples. I’m not saying these Moser Baer disks are good to begin with, I haven’t ever tried them, its just that Memorex doesn’t seem to care about the quality they sell.

You shouldn’t take those quality ratings to heart either. If the burn completes successfully and you can play them back in all your drives/players, these may be perfectly ok to use for unimportant, day to day data transfers or temporary storage. Run a TRT scan on a few of them, in your worst reading drive and see if there are any serious dips in the reading speed.

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I could see that people have trouble burning Memorex media, and I know that sometimes they are poor quality… But these look really good. So I’m thinking, rename media code in the firmware to MBIPG101-R05 and find the right one. But first, I’ll borrow a couple of late-model burners. :bow:

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Memorex is cheap media with poor dye and down the road the dye will fade out and then all you will have is a bunch of coasters. If you valve your dvd’s the use TY’s or Verbs. This is just my thought and experence, to each their own I guess


[QUOTE=Jimbo;2523549]Memorex is cheap media with poor dye and down the road the dye will fade out and then all you will have is a bunch of coasters.[/QUOTE]This is incorrect. Memorex don’t produce their own media, they buy from a variety of different manufacturers - such as Moser Baer, Ritek, CMC - and the quality will just vary wildly. Sometimes the discs will burn excellently, often they will return crap results.

Dye fading out? It does happen, but not as often as it’s assumed.


I use branded Verbatim MCC 003 or MCC 004… At no cost, I could start a set of back-ups with the Memorex media. But only if the burns have a quality score of 90+.

The batch of Memorex I have, is far from trash. These are beautiful, stiff disks, that look good after a burn. I scored 82 with the NEC3500 burner (a 4GB burn). Considering that I am using disks that were handled, and marginal disks from the bottom of the stack, this is a good sign. I think employees of the manufacturer may have had a bad day and goofed… the media is identified as MBIPG101-R05, but maybe it isn’t. So then, the burner does a poor job, and when using the BenQ, SolidBurn’s learning mode appears useless.

If the media manufacturer isn’t the problem, then I need a later burner with a firmware that has an improved writing strategy (and that’s about as far as I understand these things).

So, after about 20 test-burns, I see the possibility of high scores. And I have a folder full of scans from the forum that indicate this possibility.

For a sum of money, a particular media code might be given first priority and extra attention. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with a dye or media. Maybe the problem is no perks, no kickbacks, this could be sabotage ! :bigsmile:

Can someone suggest an alternative media code ? If I understand correctly, I can name any code as “MBIPG101-R05”, then test for improvement… Maybe, DAXON AZ3, or MCC 003 ?


Buy new burners and Falcon or TY media.


[QUOTE=camellote;2523683]Buy new burners and Falcon or TY media.[/QUOTE]

The Verbs I use, burn at 97 most of the time, and they are stiff, high-quality disks. In comparison, TY’s are flexies, non-branded, and have no lines for writing/identifying, so I dumped them on eBay. I can’t sell anyone the Memorex though, they would be very angry. :disagree:

A [u]Falcon[/u] is a bird, and sometimes an airplane, no thanks… Ronald Reagan’s “trickle down theory” would apply, and I believe the Statue of Liberty should continue to stand in the harbor. :bigsmile:

Memorex ? Anyone ? :bow:


Falcon blank dvds have a good reputation around here. http://www.falconrak.com/index.html
You can buy them at supermediastore.com, among other places online. Their DL +R disks are the only acceptable alternative to Verbatim.

Why the obsession with stiffness of the disks? This is not a primary consideration when judging quality.

And I’d take TY +R 8x over virtually anything you want to compare them to. They burn great, and are compatible with burners going all the way back to the 4x days. They also playback flawlessly on every piece of equipment I’ve ever tried them in.

Those Memorex disks may work better in a different drive. Drives/firmware/media combos are difficult to predict when talking about the mediocre level disks.


[QUOTE=mullardel34;2523587]Can someone suggest an alternative media code ? If I understand correctly, I can name any code as “MBIPG101-R05”, then test for improvement… Maybe, DAXON AZ3, or MCC 003 ?[/QUOTE]If you want to do a strategy swap, try similar media (16x DVD+R with AZO dye) codes, such as YUDEN000 T03, MCC 004, CMC MAG M01.


This scan is about the best I will do… No matter what firmware or burner, the yellow spike at the start is always there in every burn, lowering the score from 5 to 10 points. The dvd plays fine in a standalone, but I won’t use any of the dvd’s for archives. This also happens to be the worst media I have ever used, even worse than Office Depot (which is now discontinued).

The burner used, read “LabelFlash” on the bezel, and I thought it was an Optiarc. But removing the case, revealed that it was a Liteon DH-16A6S OEM burner of Dell/Acer origin. Considering the media used, this burner did a very good job… I just hope the video data doesn’t degrade over time.

I have a lot of blank media, some TY, just thought these might be put to some useful purpose. I may try this again sometime, when I think I have a solution.


I’d chalk it up to having bad media. Every manufacturer has poor batches of disc, and it appears that Memorex always has and always will ask for some of the cheapest usable media that the manufacturers produce (which often includes the bad batches of media). Moser Baer usually produces good discs, but from time to time they can be complete crud, as you see.

These discs are probably just far too out of spec for any writer to do well with them at any speed. Changing write strategies cannot overcome discs created with a poor spread of dye or poor “track” creation that a laser cannot follow.

I’d suggest just shelving them until you have a way to use them for non-important data (as you plan to do). And give up on Memorex. The number of mediocre/bad batches of media I’ve gotten under the brand far outweigh the number of good batches, as echoed by others. Try the brands suggested above if you ever run out of good media. :slight_smile:


I just received a new Optiarc AD-7200A writer (IDE) from an eBay seller. The drive appears to be a very good reader and burner. Here are scan results of the Memorex MBIPG101 R05 media as burned in this new Optiarc 7200A. A second scan with a BenQ DW1620 verifies the results, but with a lower score. Notice how similiar the BenQ and Optiarc scans appear.


Eh, still ugly, but not horrible and mildly improved over the last scan. Can all your drives successfully read it in a transfer rate test?


[QUOTE=mullardel34;2523426]I have been trying to burn Memorex 16x MBIPG101-R05 disks with a BenQ 1640…[/QUOTE]

That was your first mistake. The BenQ DW1640 can only burn Verbatim DL media. Period. It’s too old and does not work well with any other DL media.


[QUOTE=negritude;2532629]The BenQ DW1640 can only burn Verbatim DL media. Period. It’s too old and does not work well with any other DL media.[/QUOTE] MBIPG101-R05 is Single Layer media, not Double Layer media, and it is supported in BSRB firmware.

That being said, Memorex’ idea of quality control seems to be to find whatever media has been dumped in a garbage can at some media manufacturing plant, so their quality cannot be trusted.