Unable to burn .exe's with ASUS CRW 5224A

Hey Folks,

Whenever I burn any app (anything with a .exe extension) onto cd, it seems to go through fine but when I try and launch the app from the cd, it just flashes up a dos command prompt and then does nothing. Even the icon for the app is changed into a dos one.

The file size is the same, the name is the same, but the app won’t work.

I’m doing it on XP and have tried with Nero, Easy CD Creator, Drop On CD, XP’s built in burner thing. Same happens on every single one. I’m using an ASUS CRW 5224A. Have tried upgrading the firmware on that an now joy either.

However I can burn MP3’s, VCD’s etc. Just no luck with apps.

I’ve zipped files up, created iso’s or made images. Doesn’t make a difference. Still won’t run the exe’s in there once they’re burned onto the cd. I’ve also tried copying the files back off the cd once done and that doesn’t work.

I’ve searched the forums and can’t find anything on there so thought i’d ask.

‘not so feeling’ godl1ke

It might be that your program won’t run with read-only status. Have you tried copying to HD then changing the status?

Yep tried that. The strange thing about this whole read only issue is that I must have tried hundreds of different exe’s and none of them work. I mean, do you know any exe’s that work as read only? If you do then post their name’s and I’lll get a copy and try that but I’m pretty sure that isn’t the issue.