Unable to burn DVD's with SONY DVD RW DW-D26A

I have a SONY DVD RW DW-D26A (which is a OEM Lite-On with Sony as a name) drive installed running on Windows server 2003 SP1. This drive was working fine until a few days ago. I am able to burn CD’s with no problem but I can not burn DVD’s. I was using Memorex but then switched to Verbatim to see if maybe it might have been a media issue but no luck. I tried burning 10 times with different settings and write speeds, once again no luck. I also checked to make sure I am using the latest firmware which I am. Also made sure I had the latest Nero software. One thing I did notice about the bad DVD burns is that when I look at the where the burn tried to write, it looks like it would start writing then stop and start again leaving blank unwritten gaps. I have attached a log. Any help would be great. :bow: It is very annoying that now when I have a use to burn DVD’s I am unable. Damn drive.

:confused: One more thing I should mention. When I do a simulation, everything works great. Which at first lead me to believe it might be bad media, thats when I switched from Memorex to Verbatim. I also attached InfoTool.txt file

I suggested you try crossflashing over to KSOB, where is the verbatim log?

Verbatim log?? where can I get the KSOB?

:confused: One other question do you know why it would work fine and then out of the blue stop burning DVD’s? Not sure what changed that caused this problem. The only changes that I have done to the system is that I added two additional hard drives to the RAID card. But nothing else.

here and in your thread at DV you have posted ritekf1 logs, no verbatim

the crossflash was over at DV

try this please

Sorry about that forgot that I tried to us Memorex again. :o
Attached is the Verbatim log and devfilter results.

devfilter.txt (1.34 KB)

I wonder if nero got hosed? You could try Imgburn as a crosscheck. There’s remnants of incd in your nero infotool, I never let sonic near my computers.

Wait there is one clue, you added 2 hard drives in a raid stripe? Do you have a premium power supply?

It would be nice to check your drive in another computer or another drive in your computer?