Unable to Burn DVDs at all

Have a gigabyte 7n400 Pro2 board with an Athlon XP 2600+ and Sony DW-U10a DVD±R .

My problem is I can’t seem to burn any DVDs at all. So far have produced 10 coasters. Only success has been is with a DVD-RW. Tried Nero and Ez CD. After clicking the burn button DVD-R (Mirror Platinum 4x also tried datawrite) gets to 1% and then just fails a few seconds later…although did manage 11% once. Have tried changing DMA settings to UDMA 33 and Multi Word DMA 2, checked bios but with no luck. Also have changed master/slave setting, changed IDE’s.

Are there any issues with this board and that burner, or am I missing something. Please help. I feeling like getting a hammer and smashing the drive into little pieces!!

Which IDE drivers are you using? If you are using the SW Nvidia drivers you might switch over to the Microsoft set. Don’t think that is the problem though.

You might have a problem with aspi drivers. Look here for a diagnostic tool and links to aspi drivers:

Next thing is updating firmware. Look up the latest at Sony’s site.

You could also try different media. Bite the bullet, go down and buy a 5 pack of dvd’s with Made in Japan on the label. I’ve seen Maxell’s from Japan and Verbatim’s. If you can’t find any from Japan, look for Verbatim’s from Singapore.