Unable to burn DVD

I apologize if this is a repeat, but i’m having some trouble backing up one of my dvd’s. So as a newbie, i will limit this down to two questions.

I have DVD X Copy Platinum, a Lite-on DVD+RW SOHW 802S and some Memorex DVD+RW cd’s. I’m able to burn the required files to my drive, but after inserting a dvd which it prompts me to do, the start button is grayed out and will not continue the process.

I do not have a dual layer burner, just a single and the movie i was trying to back up is a single layer as well. The file size was well under the 4.7GB limit.

Q1: Am i using the correct discs for the listed burner and back up program?

Q2: is there anyone that can give me a step by step process to patching my current Lite-on DVD+RW SOHW 802S to the 832S Firmware?

From what i’ve heard this would enable me to copy dual layer dvd’s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Again, apologies for any repeats. Sometimes the search feature just gives me a headache, lol.

Cheers!!! :slight_smile:

Use better media, eg. from Ricoh or Verbatim.

So it is the media i’m using, that’s stopping me from copying correctly? I will purchase some media today and give this a try. Also, because i have a +RW drive, do i need to match it up with +RW media, or may it include others?

Thank you Chef for replying to my cry for help, lol.


As chef says use better media. For RW then for you Verbatim 4x +RW is probably best as it’s an older burner. For +R media 8x Verbatim would be best if you can find it, or faiing that the 16x Verb +R should be fine.

For crossflashing the guide on codeguys website should take you through it OK. Look here . The firmware to use would be VS0M (patched) or CG5J I guess.

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Many thanks for the advice about the media. When running DVD X COPY PLATINUM, the start button is no loner grayed out. I can now, thanks to you, back my movie up without any problems. I ran it on my player and the movies was smooth. I guess i owe you a beer, lol. :iagree:

And TimC, i didn’t forget you either brother, lol. I appreciate the time you took to find me a great link to starting my firmware upgrade. I’ll keep you posted on how well it went. Again, thank you both.


Cheers!!! :clap:

OK. Cheers.