Unable to burn DVD with Sony DVD+RW DW-P50A

Hi All,

I have a Sony DVD+RW DW-P50A driver (on my HP notebook). A few days ago, I bought some DMS DVD-R discs. When I try to burn these DVD discs I got “Illegal disc” error. To fix the problem, I upgraded my firmware to 1.8f. But it didn’t solve my problem.

What should I do? What is the problem?

Thanks for any replies.

Note: I did not try burning DVD before. This was my first try which was a failure :frowning:

Isn’t your Sony a DVD+RW drive only? If this is the case, it cannot write to -R media and only +R or +RW media. Nothing you can do about this other than to switch media.

Just used our search function and according to this thread your Sony is a DVD+RW drive only, so DVD-R or DVD-RW is not going to work.