Unable to burn dvd on the fly

I have replaced a cd burner with a pioneer 108, and am unable to burn dvds on the fly from the original manufacturer installed dvd-rom drive (MATSHITA DVD-ROM SR-8586) It burns cds on the fly no problem, but when I use Nero expreess and put the source disc in the dvd-rom it says “cannot copy this disc to dvd”
Also there is no problem if I use the 108 as the source drive, it creates an image and burns ok.
As the dvd-rom drive is a few years old, could it be I need to replace that drive also or could it be a Nero software issue?

Try upgrading your version of Nero.

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There could be some reasons why this happening; my guess is that you are trying to backup a copyrighted DVD movie, right? Well if you own the original, that’s legal of course, but Nero won’t allow you to. There are some other (even free) programs that can help you to so. My personal favourite is DVD Decrypter (http://www.dvddecrypter.com). This is a free program that allows DVDs to be copied to the harddrive and it even can write DVD ISO images back to a DVDR. So if you are doing a 1:1 copy and your destination disc can fit the amount of data the original DVD has (that is either a single layer DVDR for a DVD5 disc or a double layer DVDR for a DVD9 disc), this program is all you need.

If my guess of what you are trying to do is all wrong, just let us know what you are trying to do :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Have upgraded Nero from to as suggested by Zazonz,
Still getting Same Message “cannot copy this disc to dvd” only now the program freezes and I have to restart the pc to get the disc out of the dvd-rom drive

Dee-ehn, I am backing up dvd games, which is not a problem if I use the burner as the source drive, the problem is only when I try to burn on the fly using the dvd -rom drive as the source drive

Maybe it don’t like your drive. You could try updating the firmware and/or ide drivers.


This game DVD, can it be read at all by your DVDROM drive? And if so, does it read correctly?

Can you copy other DVD discs this way? Or does this problem only apply to this particular disc?

What game is it you are trying to make a backup of?

This drive does not have the speed to feed the burner. Even with the best reader, copying on the fly is very risky. If the drive must slow down to read a DVD, then you may end up with a bad burn.

Luckily all drives are equipped with buffer underrun prevention technologies. Although copying otf from slow drives (or a device on the same IDE channel) isn’t a wise thing to do, it should turn out al right. The disc might be of a somewhat lesser quality due to the buffer underruns (as the writer stops for some time while waiting for new data) but it should turn out alright.

And AFAIK that’s not the error that Nero produces when doing an otf copy…

its not your pioneer 108 -tomred7- its nero itself. I have the same problem and its kinda a hit and miss when you copy on the fly and this is how you can come up with alot of coasters.

When copying PS2 games I would highly suggest unchecking to “Quick Copy” box and let nero create the image first then burn, reason I say this is if it fails then you will not have a coaster and it only takes but a few extra minutes to create the image.

*edit for extra advice

Also try not to multitask while burning as you can create errors while multitasking

Thanks for your replys, although I have still not resolved the problem, i have tried various dvd`s and the problem is the same (i.e. its not just a problem with a specific disc)
While I was out today I got a new DVD-ROM, will install that and see if that works,
(Although I looked at the thread link posted by Zazonz, and it seems as though certain drives can cause problems such as LG 8161B) The new drive is a LG GDR-8163B!, lets hope I have not bought another incompatible drive
Also I may also try reverting back to Nero as the updated has made it worse as the program also freezes and cannot eject the disc without rebooting,


Again - trying to burn “On The Fly” is really not the way to get a good burn with any combo of optical drives IMO-

The risk for error is entirely too great-

If you want good burns - then do it with a buffered burn and verification - yes it is longer - but the results are superior in every way-


Yo tomred7-

There is a modified version of that came out today and is on Nero site - it’s


thanks for the info

Dont go back to cause this version does have a bug regarding burning on the fly, try and reinstall or go for the new one

I will try the new version, but the is worse tha as after the “cannot copy this disc to dvd” message the program freezes and the disc will not eject from the dvd-rom drive.