Unable to burn data

Hi Everyone,

I am having problems with burning data cds. Every time i try i get the following error: D0010: I/O error-- (05-30-05)- cd error- corrupted format. All the cds i have used are brand new.
I had a trojan on my sytem called Seek/Seek, which i have destroyed.
Also when I run diags it is unable to find any AIC78XX/AIC75XX ASPI8DOS.SYS. Are these issues related? What can i do to solve the problems?


Hi Fiona,

What make and model of burner are you using? What brand/type of blanks? The AIC… messages are SCSI related. Does your computer have a SCSI controller card? If yes, you might try to re-install the correct drivers for it.

Hi Richman,

Thanks for your quick reply.
The burner is a Mitsumi CR4804TE. I have used numerous brands of disk eg. Packard Bell, Memorex ,JVC,Octron & Kodak.
Which controller is the scsi controller card? There are a few controllers on my system.