Unable to burn CDs at slow speeds (16x and lowers) with LITE-ON SHW-16H5S

I use TDK,SONY,Verbatim,Memorex CD-Rs with no success.

Clone CD ends with MEDIA ERROR:WRITE ERROR after spin-up

I can burn 4x CD-RWs, but 16x and lower is problem with CD-Rs.
I tried Nero, Clone CD and other SW.
I have XP SP2 and latest firmware.

It seems that you’re not using either DiscAtOnce or DiscAtOnce/96 method. Good luck :slight_smile:

I am using RAW-DAO :frowning:

Burn them at 20-32x, you’ll likely get better results anyway. If you are attempting to burn at slow speeds for better quality, that is more or less a myth at this point and you’ll get better burns at speeds such as 24x, 32x with higher speed media and newer burners.

when recording a dvd it doesnt hurt the original does it,i know that may be a dumb question i knot it prolly doesnt but i was just wondering please help???!!!