Unable to burn any dvd's

Hi Chaps
Need help again,have nero 6 reloaded which has been ok with the occasional prob but after re-installation (hard drive upgrade) it will not burn dvd’s or anything else.I can get all the way to the burn to disc part and when i hit the start it shows an std error do i want to send details to microsoft,i have done this but the error seems to have no distictive answer.Sometimes it runs for about 2 minutes then simply dissapears from the screen. I have tried other software and they all suffer the same so i seem to have a problem with window i expect.I have tried without antivirus or spyware to no avail,any ideas?
win xp pro sp2 opperating system.
jc100 :sad:

Have you downloaded all the latest updates to nero?

Which IDE drivers do you have?

Are you sure that your BIOS is able to manage a disk of bigger dimensions (I think that you upgraded your HD with a bigger one)?

I have downloaded all updates and installed as directed but to no avail,what i found last night was i used nero express2 and it worked fine so i am now completely confused.So i will stick with this while it works and go from there,unless anybody knows what the problem is.
Regards jc100

Hi geno888
You are correct in the hard drive upgrade but this has all been recognised ok and the Bios accepted it with no problems,it is only the dvd software that is causing problems,if you see my other reply to harley2ride nero vision express2 seems to work but express 3 and 4 on trial will not.
Regards jc100

Ok. This exclude an hardware problem. Let’s look now to softwares.

To ensure that the problem is due to nero, try to use another app to burn a disc. Try with cd-dvd speed or dvd decrypter/imgburn.

Another try can be to install your burner on another computer. This should exclude definitely an hardware (burner) issue.