Unable to Burn a DVD

I’m not sure if I’m on the right Forum.
I have burned a lort of CD’s on my computer.
However, today I tried to Burn my first “DVD”. It was a copy I borrowed from a friend so it’s not Copy Protected.

I wanted to try to Burn a copy of it, but I just can’t do it. I either get “insert disc” or if I click on the Button to upload it to my Hard Drive, nothing happens.
I have a Vista Home Premium 32 Bit. in a Dell Studio computer with a CD-DVD Burner.
I’ve tried several different DVD Burner Programs, but I still can’t get the DVD-R to upload . Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Phil

Does the drive work with other dvds? Try a commercially made movie in the drive and try playing it with VLC media player. www.videolan.org It is free to download and use.

If the commercial movie works, you know that the drive is capable of reading dvds. And really, you don’t even have to play it, you could simply right click on the icon for the drive and click Open. It should show a Video_TS folder, and that will show that the drive is actually reading the disk.

Assuming that this test is successful, you may be looking at a poorly burned disk, or a drive that isn’t particularly good at reading burned media. You can try cleaning the lens of the drive and see if that helps.

Try ImgBurn . Use File pulldown /Read mode . This will rip the DVD to your hard drive as an .iso file (.mds file too.) Then use Write mode to "burn " to a new DVD disc.
You can use either the .mds or .iso for the Source file .

I can’t download VLC. It wants an Administrator to allow it downloading, which is me. Even then ift wants a Password.
I’ll try CNET.
Thanks, Phil